What is Raw Hair?

"Raw Hair" quality bundles are made from virgin human hair

This means that the hair comes from a single donor, making it healthier and more resilient.

Raw hair is often called “raw” hair or real “healthy” hair.

It is the best quality hair on the market, notably thanks to:

- Virginity: Raw Hair is virgin, meaning it has never been subjected to chemical or treatment processes. They retain their natural state.

- Intact Cuticle: The cuticle is the protective outer layer of the hair, made up of scales. In Raw Hair, the cuticle is generally preserved, which helps maintain the strength, shine and softness of the hair.

- Superior Quality: Raw Hair is appreciated for its superior quality due to its natural appearance, texture, shine and durability.

- Styling Versatility: Raw Hair can be styled, curled, straightened and dyed according to individual preferences. They react in the same way as natural hair.

- Longevity: Due to its quality, Raw Hair tends to be more durable and maintain its appearance for a longer period of time than chemically treated hair.

Duration: minimum 4 to 5 years